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Estate and probate law centers around creating a plan for a person’s possessions/assets and administering their rights and wishes. Effective and knowledgeable legal guidance in these matters is critical, which is why you should work with McManus & McManus Attorneys at Law. Our lawyers bring decades of experience to each case and client, and we are focused on providing customized and efficient legal solutions to even the most complex problems.

Creating A Thorough And Effective Estate Plan

Estate planning may seem overwhelming at first, but the guidance of a lawyer can make it much faster and easier than you might have assumed. Our attorneys can help you create a new estate plan or update an existing one. Here are some of the documents and legal instruments that may be included:

  • A will
  • A named estate executor (also known as a personal representative)
  • One or more trusts
  • A living will
  • Designated powers of attorney (durable, general, irrevocable, etc.)

If you have minor children, you can use your will and estate plan to name guardians for them in the event of your untimely death or long-term incapacity. Although such scenarios are unpleasant to think about, putting safeguards in place can provide peace of mind.

Guidance In Probate And Estate Administration Matters

Being named as the personal representative of another’s estate is an honor, but the duties of the position may be difficult to execute on your own – especially while trying to grieve your loss. When you work with McManus & McManus Attorneys at Law, we will guide you through all aspects of the probate or estate administration process, including:

  • Identifying the estate assets
  • Paying any debts owed by the decedent at the time of death
  • Distributing the remaining assets to the decedent’s heirs or beneficiaries under a will
  • Paying any taxes owed as a result of the death
  • Pursuing any claims against third parties owed to the estate
  • Determining the identity of the decedent’s heirs if that person died intestate (without a will)

In the event that someone becomes incapacitated – meaning unable to make or communicate decisions themselves – family members may be put in the difficult position of managing the estate and making important decisions on behalf of the incapacitated individual. Our lawyers can provide advice and representation in matters related to guardianship/conservatorship for an individual and conservatorship of the estate.

Representation In Litigated Estate Disputes

Complex family dynamics can sometimes lead to conflict after a parent or other loved one has died. Disagreements regarding inheritance rights or difficulties interpreting a will can lead to disputes that end up in litigation. If you are involved in (or worry you will soon be involved in) a will contest, probate litigation or similar matter, our attorneys will work quickly and aggressively to help you find a resolution. Most issues can be settled out of court, but we are fully prepared to take any case to trial, when necessary.

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